Communication agency Air has just created a new campaign for SNCB/NMBS and more specifically for GO Unlimited, a new offer allowing the 16-25 year olds to (re)discover the whole Belgium for only € 25 per month. The campaign encouraged all passengers to come up with a new, more expressive name for their homecity train station on And the idea seems well received, as more than 5.000 visitors have already visited the website in the first 2 days of the campaign.

“We started with the insight that no one knows better his/her city or village than the residents themselves.” Dieter De Ridder, CD at AIR explains. “We want to engage the knowledge of local residents, to show the passengers what there is to experience in a specific city or a village.”

“That’s why we launched, the website where the inhabitants of a city or a village create themselves the typical platform signs of SNCB/NMBS,” continues Joeri Van Den Broeck, CD at AIR as well. “And they are really expressive:  for example a participant has changed the name of Bruges into ‘Venice of the North’, and this name is (at the time of writing of this press release) on the top of the ratings.”

The participants that got the most votes received each 2 Go Unlimited passes for free, to rediscover Belgium together with a friend or a girlfriend.

The campaign consisted of 2 parts. The first part was launched through i.e. OUTDOOR, bannering and radio-spots. The second, the activating part of the campaign, was the part where the locals were  asked to invent more entertaining and more speaking names themselves. This part used print, posters, radio-spots, banners and of course the website.

The campaign ran until end of July.  Do not hesitate to invent yourself a speaking name on


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