Air came up with a striking, light & absurd campaign for the National Belgian rail (SNCB/NMBS), nailing the increasing number of traffic jams in our country.

With the help of a TV commercial, a radio campaign and a series of billboards, the National Belgian rail asked all the car drivers to sign an online petition to have Belgian traffic jams recognised as a world heritage site.

In the absurd TV commercial, directed by Koen Mortier and produced by Czar, a known English actor praises the overall cultural heritage of Belgium:

The charming city of Brugge, the Brussels Atomium, The bunkers in Ieper, the Roman roads; all fabulous heritage sites, described at length by this man. He concludes by saying that there is one thing missing though: the Belgian traffic jams.

“I love the smell of exhaust fumes in the evening” concludes the man as he breathes in the car fumes. A text appears, reading: “Help the Belgian traffic jams become a world heritage site”.

The billboards, graphically close the world heritage site’s own brown background and white graphics; only to be seen at busy intersections, call for drivers to petition for a specific road to become part of the world heritage site. The billboards were featured for example on the A12 or the E40: big Belgian highways.

Both the TVC and billboards lead to a digital platform

Once on the website, we get a choice: sign the petition or take the train as an alternative, planning you trip from start to finish.

This is a humorous campaign, promoting the use of the train as a stress-free alternative instead of the all to typical Belgian, massive traffic queues.